A bunch of sweet comebacks this january: The R&B-Ballad side

Leaving aside the main tracks and sexy concepts, this post is just a recommendation of some of the tracks from Girl's Day, AOA, Rainbow Blaxx and Dal Shabet, something more R&B/Ballad kind of songs from their latest albums. I strongly suggest you check these songs.


A bunch of sweet comebacks this january

So K-pop started 2014 with the right foot with some sweet girl group comebacks! (in contrast to my 3TB hard drive which decided to crash and leave me without aprox. 6000 videos, what a traitor). Let me know if you want an HD quality of any of these videos, I'm not talking about Youtube HD.

Rebooting K-Poppin' Girls

I was going to make another blog to start writing this entry but since I was remembering how much fun I had with K-Poppin' Girl's, I decided to give this babe another chance, therefore here I am giving it life again.

Turns out right now I have less time than when I was managing the blog couple of years ago, I don't intend to continue sharing stuff like I did before, not because I don't want, but because I can't. I still have couple of things I want to share. This will be more likely to be me just posting some thoughts and news I find interesting, and sometimes downloads.


This Is It

 Blog will be offline in a couple of days

The post you never wanted to see, but I'm afraid here it is: I'm finally closing down guys, after several issues like Megaupload taken down, Filesonic disabling sharing functionality and mediafire suspending 3 of my accounts I have to say beginning of 2012 was a very rough year for K-poppin' Girls. I tried really hard to keep the blog always updated even with all my internet problems, but it comes a time when all this issues transform it into a burden more than a hobby.

Anyways, I had so much fun sharing all this stuff with you guys, thanks for all the support and the contributions you made to this blog. I want to keep the blog going but right now it's going to be hard, besides I have some personal matters to take care of. Maybe in a future I open a new and better blog (with another internet provider of course lol), or if you plan in opening a blog about kpop just let me know in kpoppingirls@hotmail.com and I'll try to help (but not right now). I will let open the twitter in case I later decide to create a new blog.

The last stuff I uploaded:

So without further ado, like Michael Jackson would say, This is it...

I Van


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